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(June 19, 2001)

Hello parents, families and friends,

After experiencing a lot of precious experiences in Japan, the group has left Japan for Utah.  I think that they had a lot of fun and this trip was a trip that they will probably never forget in their whole lives.  Both the group and the people in Japan, such as the host families and the students at the local high schools, had a lot of fun with each other, and they learned to appreciate and to respect each other.  It was a positive experience for both groups.  And on behalf of the group, I'd like to thank you parents for letting us go on this trip to Japan, because without your help we wouldn't have been able to experience and meet the wonderful people that we did, so once again THANK YOU!!  And maybe next time, you'll be here with me?!  -- Yo Yamamoto, one of the participants of the Program 2001

(June 16, 2001) 

We are all fine and trying to touch, see, hear, taste, smell, and feel Japan still through various opportunities given to each individual and to the group.  Yesterday, we had a chance to learn Shuji (Japanese calligraphy) and Kendo (Japanese fencing) at Ogakinishi High School.  We all received a souvenir RAKKAN that is made of granite stone.  Mr. Kodama kindly made them for us.  He is one of the well-known stone curving master.  Mike and Eric got more souvenirs.  Bamboo sword.  They might want to be the martial art Kendo masters in the future.  Good luck!


When you send your message to your children, email to royyama@aol.com while we are in Japan.

-by Roy

If you have any question, Email us at " mail@chikyujin.net " or call Yu @ 801-725-2282(cell)


Date Where we are What we do Stay
6/19 NAGOYA/L.A./S.L.C. Last minutes shopping in Downtown Nagoya, then GOING HOME via LA


6/18 GIFU Local high school visit & Hot spring (Onsen) Homestay

With Minnie in Downtown Nagoya, lunch at Yoro

Hi Pose..., at YORO Water Fall

@ souvenir shop, @ the famous Yoro Hot Spring

@ the Nagoya International Airport just before the departure for the USA

6/17 GIFU FREE TIME with host family Homestay


6/16 GIFU FREE TIME with host family Homestay


6/15 GIFU Visit Local high schools and cultural facilities  Homestay


Japanese calligraphy class, we all received a real & nice RAKKAN* as a token of mutual friendship. * the real granite stone stamp curved the name of each person. 

Jessica & Kendo (Japanese traditional fencing).  Diplomatic moment at Kengisho HS where Ms. Takahashi, who won the gold medal for marathon at Sydney Olympic last year.

We learned Japanese paper art @ a old Japanese house building.

6/14 GIFU Local high school visit (Morning), Visit Gifu Castle (Afternoon) Homestay


View of Gifu city from the Gifu Castle.  Real Panorama View through cloud.

Remy with Nobunaga(Shogun).  Thank you speech by Chris at Nagara HS.

Nagara Choir (The best in Japan) sung for us.

At Gifu Castle Museum

6/13 GIFU Local high school visit (Full day) Homestay


6/12 GIFU Visit and exchange with local high school Homestay

With Principal of Gifukita HS, Self-introduction before a thousand students, McKelle with a visiting student from Europe at Gifukita High School.

6/11 KYOTO/OSAKA Sightseeing in Kyoto & Osaka YouthHostel


With MAIKO girls at Kiyomizu Buddhist Temple in Kyoto

At the famous Sanju-san kendo(1001 Buddhas), Dinner @ Juni-danke where Prince Charles of the Great Britain ate dinner.

6/10 KYOTO 7 HRS BULLET TRAIN RIDE & the first evening in KYOTO YouthHostel


6/9 AOMORI/AKITA Sightseeing in AOMORI & AKITA  YouthHostel


At Nebuta Nuseum

With Keiko from Towada,  Nebuta Dance,  at a pond of Nebuta Festival museum

With Street Singers,   at sushi bar in downtown Aomori

6/8 AKITA Sightseeing in AKITA City & OGA Peninsula YouthHostel

6/7 Kamakura Enjoying Old Capitol "Kamakura" Hotel

6/6 TOKYO  Meiji Shrinwe, Yasukuni Shrine, Skyscrapers, Fashion Center, Tokyo Bay Rainbow Bridge Romantic Driving, The World Largest Fish Market, Ginza, Akihabara with Mr. & Mrs. Nishi Hotel

It rained today.  At the fish market, the price and the size of the huge tuna fishes surprised us.  When we were at Meiji Shrine and Yasukuni Shrine, which are the two of the main Shinto Shrines in Japan, we felt very special and sacred feeling generated from the foggy and calm air surrounding the area.  Mr. & Mrs. Nishi, who is one of our program supporters in Japan, kindly spent whole day to show us around and gave us a very nice dinner.  THANK YOU! so much our friends!


6/5 TOKYO   Hotel


6/4 S.L.C./L.A. Flying to Japan Airplane
6/2 OGDEN Pre-Departure Session 2
5/18 OGDEN Prep. Session 1
5/4 OGDEN First gathering

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