(June 12th, 2002)

Hello everyone,

We arrived Gifu yesterday.  We are all fine.  The first day to stay with host family.

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cell phone (011-81-90-6462-3657).


Date Where we are What we do today Stay at
6/27 OSAKA/L.A./S.L.C. We are on the plane returning to Salt Lake City.  ETA is 4:10 p.m.  Come and Pick me up!  Thanks!


6/26 OSAKA  PANASONIC Head quarter tour, Animate, Bay area (Man-made island), Osaka Castle Youth Hostel

6/25 GIFU/OSAKA  High school visit/Den-Den Town (Nihonbashi Electronic town), Namba Youth Hostel
6/24 GIFU  High school visit Home stay


6/23 GIFU  Free time with host family Home stay


6/22 GIFU  Bus Tour (Ogaki City and its surrounding area) Home stay

6/21 GIFU  High school visit, Middle school visit Home stay


Ogaki Seibu Junior High School students sang a  beautiful song for us.

6/20 KYOTO/GIFU  Traveling, High School visit, WELCOME PARTY sponsored by Ogaki-Kita HS Home stay
6/19 KYOTO  Himeji Castle, KOBE China Town Hotel


6/18 KYOTO  Kiyomizu, 33 Kendo, Hongwanji, Arashiyama-Sagano Hotel

6/17 AKITA/KYOTO  Hotel check-in, Gion (Pontocho), Yasaka-Jinja Shrine Hotel
6/16 AKITA  The Capitol of Basketball "Noshiro", The Sea of Japan coast, Hot spring "Never aged, Never died", Kitamae-bune, etc. Hotel

Beautiful sunset!

6/15 AKITA  Kakunodate "Samurai House street" visit Hotel
6/14 TOKYO/AKITA  Travel to Akita by bullet train "SHINKANSEN" Hotel


Because there was a relatively strong earthquake in the northern Kanto area, where located on the way to Akita, just before we leave Tokyo, we were asked to stay on the Shinkansen platform a couple of more hours.  It was a good time for napping.  Thanks. 

6/13 TOKYO  Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo Tower, Meiji Jingu, Shinjuku Skyscraper zone, The fashion center "Harajuku",  Akihabara Electronic shopping town Hotel

See those BIG tunas!!!  Some of those fishes came over even from Capetown, Sough Africa.

6/12 TOKYO  Imperial Palace, Kyodo News' Soccur World Cup Headquater(Japan's AP) Tour,  National Diet(Congress Building ) Tour, Kasumigaseki Office zone, Ginza, Sumida Riverboat, Asakusa Hotel

It rained in the morning.  We enjoyed a good 10 and some miles walk.


6/11 TOKYO  Arrive Japan around 6:00 p.m., move to Tokyo, then check-in hotel Hotel

We arrived at Narita Int'l Airport around 7:30 p.m.  Some did take a good nap, and some didn't.  

6/10 S.L.C./L.A. Meet at SLC Int'l Airport Terminal 2 @5:00 a.m. Airplane
6/7 OGDEN Departure session
5/23 OGDEN Prep. Session 2
5/11 OGDEN Prep. Session 1  View Hand-out

5/4 OGDEN First gathering



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