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Date Where we are What we do today Stay at
6/28 TOKYO/L.A./S.L.C. @Leaving Tokyo for home.

 We are flying back to the US this afternoon.  Everybody is fine. See you soon!

6/27 TOKYO  Tokyo Bay area & Sumida River boat/Asakusa Hotel

6/26 TOKYO  Downtown Tokyo Hotel

Akihabara Electronics Town

6/25 NAGOYA  2005 EXPO site visit and Aichi Prefectural University visit Hotel

Robot @ APU

Toyota Automobile Museum

6/24 KANAZAWA  The traditional "Kanazawa" Hotel

@ Ogaki JR Station

The preserved Samurai residence area in Kanazawa

@Kenroku Garden


Oyama Shinto Shrine

Kanazawa Castle

@ Ohmicho Public Market place

6/23 GIFU  High school exchange Home stay

Olympus HS students visited OgakiMinami HS

Cormorant fishing @ Nagara river


6/22 GIFU  Local elementary school visit & Gifu City sightseeing Home stay


The famous poet "Basho Matsuo"'s museum


@ the Ogaki castle

Elementary school visit


Students clean their school building everyday.

Discussion on "Globalization" at a local high school

6/21 OSAKA/OGAKI  Panasonic Headquarter Home stay


Panasonic HQ visit

@ Animate

Typhoon passed through Osaka & Gifu area.  Most of the local trains have cancelled due to the heavy winds and rain.  We waited for the next train for hours at a station.

6/20 HIROSHIMA  One of the Three Greatest Shrines, "Miyajima" and The Hiroshima Peace Park Hotel

The World Treasure " Miyajima=Itsukushima Shrine"

- Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park -


6/19 KYOTO The Historical "Kyoto" Hotel

6/18 KOBE/HIMEJI  The famous port city "Kobe" and the most beautiful "Himeji Castle" Hotel

Just steps and steps to go!!!

@ Sake Winery & China Town

6/17 TOKYO/OSAKA  Fish market & Imperial Palace.  Moving to Osaka in the afternoon. Hotel

We visited Tsukiji Fish Market and the Imperial Palace, and then moved to Osaka this afternoon.  Everybody is fine.  No sick and no problem so far.

Kabuki-za theater

With an imperial policeman.  He knew BYU's football team.

Okonomiyaki dinner/at Hozenji-Yokocho's cook god shrine.

6/16 TOKYO  Arrival Narita/Tokyo Hotel

6/15 TOKYO  Leaving SLC for Japan, crossing the dateline. Airplane

 We have safely arrived at Tokyo as scheduled.

@ OGDEN Prep. Session

2004 Participants: Patrick, Nicole, Jodie, Joshua, Alisa, Chris, Laura, and Yu (from left)

Prof. Ebira & Roy are also traveling to Japan with the group.


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